The Youth; Main Agent of Change

By: Abdurrahman El-Hafid

The ASEAN Community is a place where a dream of future will come. A dream to build a better life for everyone and to make a good relationship among the members of ASEAN. To support this purpose we need many supporting aspects that can make a good goal. One of supporting aspect is the youth; because we need their role to help this program.

The youth is the main agent of change. Make a change in all aspects and all situations. We need a change to face the ASEAN Community 2015 significantly, and the youth can do any changes that they have, for example to socialize about ASEAN (The Association of Southeast Asian Nations). They can explain about the challenges by ASEAN Community 2015. At least, there are two aspects of changing that can do by the youth. These aspects maybe can help to success ASEAN Community 2015.

At the first is to make a change in collaboration. We need all ten countries to work together in building the ASEAN Community 2015, and all countries agree to collaborate one another. We agree to keep our country together from terrorist, pirates and drugs come to ruin our countries. We also agree to open work opportunity in any ASEAN country, and the most important thing is doing global exchange students to open opportunity among the ASEAN country. This activity can help all students and youth in any ASEAN country work together and learn together about each culture and anything that they have. By doing this activity, we can support ASEAN Community 2015.

In addition, we can invite the investors to come in any ASEAN country to invest and to open the opportunity in all aspects. The youth can help this activity by promotion each own country. They can come to some companies to offer a cooperative or collaboration that can do. As we attract more investors, businessman will grow and there will be more jobs and opportunities. Our quality of life will improve. We will have access to high tech innovation and become connected to the world. These are our goal to make ASEAN community 2015. We will make a community as well as Uni-Europe. ASEAN country will come as a strong power in the world, and bring a new face, face of change and face of spirit to build a dream of future.

The youth is also having a strategic role as social control. To control social environment, the youth should have bravery to solve any problem that are faced on. Every youth in ASEAN country should agree to collaborate building ASEAN together, together in one, one in together. The youth can do Investing in Sound Business Environment. Any entities must prefer to operate in a stable and secure communities, healthy & competent workforce and prosperous consumers and investors. Also in an environment of open, rule-based, predictable and non-discriminatory systems and a non-corrupt and well-governed economy. And also can do Harnessing new business opportunities in developing new products, services & innovations, or embrace economic of scales, & other embedded opportunities & competitiveness

The second aspect is to make a change in ability. By ASEAN community 2015, we need some abilities to support this program and to have by the youth. The most important thing is language. We are not only enough has one language, but also we should have more than 3 languages or maybe can speak any ASEAN country language. They can explain and introduce all things by speaking multi-language. Although international language is English, but we are also learn all languages, especially for ASEAN country.

Furthermore, language is a tool to express our thought, ideas and creativity. We cannot express our thought, ideas and creativity without language skill. We need language to negotiate to offer some business opportunities to another country in different language. The role of youth is very needed to support our goal by ASEAN Community 2015. The youth in every country, especially in ASEAN, they should know what ability that they should have. We have to believe that ASEAN community 2015 will success with the role of youth.

In addition, learning another ASEAN language is one of simple things to start to support ASEAN Community 2015. The youth can also make friends with young people from other ASEAN countries. The youth can also find out more about the region`s history. The youth should show identity as an ASEAN citizen.

These aspects are simple things to start by the youth in any ASEAN country. As the youth, we have to know our dream in building ASEAN community 2015. This dream is not only for some people, but also a dream for everyone in the ASEAN country. Above all for Indonesia, this community is a good opportunity to show our existence in ASEAN country. We can show our existence in leadership and all aspects in ASEAN. Above all the office of ASEAN in Jakarta, so this is a good opportunity to lead ASEAN country.

In conclusion, the youth is the main agent of change. They are as iron stock to country. The future of youth is the future of country. If they are given to take part in this community, they will give the best for everyone. We should believe that the youth is a main agent of change.


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