Interfaith Dialogue; World religion and Spirituality


By: Abdurrahman El-Hafid
A religion is a system of human thought which usually includes a set of narratives, symbols, beliefs and practices that give meaning to the practitioner’s experiences of life through reference to a higher power, deity or deities, or ultimate truth. ( Religion is one of the uniqueness subjects to be discussed in whole era and area. More than 20 religions in the world developed speedy. This matter is caused by a lot of people who is seeking truth and finding faith. The spirituality journey is rightful authority for everyone; they have dominance to choose faith, but when they were seeking truth, they asked to everyone, and sometimes when they met someone who has have a religion, their faith was denied, caused their faith was different. Actually, they didn`t know where the best religion is. As a consequence, interfaith conflict will happen. This is the interfaith problem that we should solve.

Many problems happened in the past about interfaith conflict in the world, but actually the case is unimportant thing for some people. Interfaith conflicts in the world are inconclusive, such as, mid-east conflict between Palestine and Israel, case in Xinjiang-China, etc. I think a lot of problems are unfinished in the world. These problems caused miss-understanding between religions in the world. They just claimed each other’s without understanding. Their reasons were not reasonable to claim someone.

By looking this problem, we have to think about how to solve. Before giving solutions, we should know motives why did they do. This matter might be happened by miss-communication and understanding each faithful. They didn`t know faith doctrine each religions. In other side, there is no interfaith dialogue intensively as one of places to interlace relationship. So, the solution is how we can make a lot of places to discuss and dialogue interfaith. In addition, we can also make a community in the world that is organized by new generation to help another interfaith community in the world.

Finally, if I were an elected official in my country, I want to propose to make “The Institute of Interfaith Forum” in the world. I will open branch in each countries so that my vision and mission to help interfaith reconciliation. I know that I will face on barriers in championing this proposal in my country, a lot of young people who want to join this event. They have also pretension to be elected. I have known that this one is the biggest opportunity to opening minds to the world. I trust all barriers that will be faced in this competition, will make me to get better result. I believe my proposal about my pretention to help interfaith reconciliation and interfaith conflict in the world become good reason to choose me as participant in inaugural Summit in London in February 2010. All of matters in this proposal are needed by a lot people in the world, this is public requirement. I will know if my proposal has been successful or not from how far my confidence to get this challenge.



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