English Program for Internationals, University of South Carolina, U.S.A 2009

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, U.S.AActually, if only I had been selected and accepted in this program, I could not have improved my English skill. I got a lot of benefits by joining this program. English Programs for Internationals of USC (University of South Carolina) is the best program that I`ve ever followed. I can`t compare this program with another program, because I think it can gain my personality wise.In addition, after finishing this program, I might be changed to become good personal in all matter. I learned all about cultures and learned how to respect the difference. I knew all about the differences in the United States of America, especially in South Carolina. There are many differences that I knew, such as; religion, culture, custom, life style, etc.

Because of joining this program, I feel more self confidence and to be own master. In my opinion, after following this program, I will face on the life optimistically.

As I said in the first that I got benefits by joining this program. During following this program, I felt that my language capacity is going to increase. I got different methods and techniques in learning English. I followed three classes that supported by professional teacher. They had patience to teach us details and they were very friendly. I felt that they were not only my teacher, but also my friend, my sister, my brother, my father and my mother. I enjoyed with them. I learned English proficiency in three classes. There are; Grammar/Writing Class, Reading/Vocabulary Class and Listening/Speaking Class. Now, I feel my language capacity will be better.

There are many pluses of this program. During I followed the time schedule; I was not only learning English, but also getting new information and travelling. I got enrichment culture lecture, we have manager who always pay attention us, and her name is Kelly Anastes. Above all about facilities, we got a comfortable place that make me can learn seriously and enjoyable.

Actually, this program is a good opportunity for us. Every student can take a part in this program and can enjoy joining this program. I am really happy in this program. I think that it too difficult to explain about the pluses of this program, because I felt a lot of pluses from this program.

In addition, between IELSP and EPI USC are very brilliant ideas to improve my English skill. They gave me opportunity to learn about language, culture, custom and etc.

I think the future of this program is very bright. I hope the information about this program should be spread evenly to every Island in Indonesia. The most important is the future of Alumni this program (IELSP). I hope IIEF or IIE also think about it. How about our next study after this program? Maybe IIEF or IIE give special offering to Alumni of this program to study Magister in Abroad.  Actually, I say thank you to all of people whom concerned in this program. May Allah bless you.!


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