Welcome to Indonesia

By: Abdurrahman Hafid

Indonesia is the biggest Moslem community in the world. As the biggest Moslem community in the world, Indonesia has unique culture which different with another country. As we know that different countries, different cultures. Indonesia has a lot of Islands. And each island has a lot of cultures and languages. So Indonesia has many races. And they have uniqueness.

Indonesian has many languages from many races. Such as: Java Island, Sumatera Island, Kalimantan Island, Sulawesi Island, Nusa Tenggara Island, etc. And each island has language, dialect and accent. But generally, type of verbal communication style is slow and it`s level medium, is not loud. When people studies and practices Indonesian Language, they will find difficulties in accent. Because, there are many Indonesian people who doesn`t know about language from another Islands. For example, people who live in Java Island, they don`t understand about language in Sumatera island like Padang`s Language. But, we have standard of Indonesian language that was fixed by expert of Indonesian language. So, Indonesian people have various languages, and in verbal communication style is very slow on medium level.

In addition, as the biggest Moslem community in the world, Indonesian people have habitual action to take greeting for everyone whenever and wherever. The greeting is very special, and this is style of all moslem in the world. The greeting is “Assalamu`alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh” and someone who listened, should answer by “Wa`alaikumussalam Warahmatulllah Wabarakatuh”. Not only `salam` , but also for some people after salam they hug and shake hand for greeting. This is named Brother in one God. And Indonesian people usually keep distance between male and female when they are talking or sitting together. And they keep their view, because in the eyes of Islamic Religion, keeping distance (hijab) on the relationship between male and female is very important.

Furthermore, if we will talk about time in Indonesia, we can compare with another country. Indonesian people have commitment to on-time. For example, when there is event that should start at 8.00 p.m, we have to start! And we don`t wait whoever who doesn`t come. But, this commitment only for some people, and generally this is style of Indonesia on the time. And actually, we expect to attend in every events, whenever, wherever by on-time.


Nowadays, there are many people who want to get title and status. This is same in Indonesia, status is very important. And the most important is brotherhood. We call our friends by “brother” or “bro” and “sister”. These calling are enough to respect for another people. And we also call people of a higher than us by “Mr” or “Mrs”. Above all to teacher, we never call our teacher by calling their name, but also we call them by calling “Mr, Miss or Mrs Teacher”. In Indonesia, teacher is very special. And about person`s title, Indonesian people usually call someone who got academic title only their name, but if we write their name in a letter or another place, we have to put their title. For example, if someone wants to invite a professor to attend in wedding party, they have to put title professor in invitation card. And then, Indonesian people usually call someone just nickname. And first name is not important. Because, there are some people whose nickname is same with first name.

However, Indonesia is very friendly country. We welcome to accept whoever as friend. And also, Indonesia is very friendship. Above all for foreigner who can speak Indonesian language. We are very proud with them. We will invite them to visit our house, but usually if we have been enjoyable with them in the first meeting. Everyone who wants to be a colleague, they should marry with Indonesian people.

In concluding, Indonesia is very friendly country with different cultures. So, don`t worry if you want to visit to Indonesia, you can get excellent service. You can join in our program “Visit Indonesia 2009”.


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